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Jordan IV “PlayStation 1” Edition


Ahhh the original Sony PlayStation….

I remember the feeling in 1995 when this was going to be released and how amazing it would be to play what seemed like almost arcade perfect games at home. I used to love playing Ridge Racer and Tekken on the arcades and was blown away by the now iconic PlayStation even though I actually never personally owned it. I feel that the PlayStation never had a flagship title like Nintendo with Super Mario and Sega with Sonic the Hedgehog. This is why the decision was made to include 20 interchangeable games for the tongue tags so you can choose your personal favourite.

The PS1 was among the first to use a memory card (also Neo Geo) so it’s a vital part of the concept in my opinion, which is why it had to be included in this package as a hang tag. (Each card will be numbered with laser engraved.)

Each pair is made using official used Sony PlayStation controllers with the encapsulated energy of countless hours of enjoyment from our childhood era. The D-pad and buttons are indeed press-able.

10 Pairs to be made available. Each pair made to order.

(Please note: As the base shoe used is a retro Jordan, it may take longer to track down certain sizes. Please allow minimum 6-8 weeks for completion.)

A real collectors piece for any retro gaming fan!



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